Services Offered

Online Presence For Business

Configure and Monitor Social Media

Data Backup Solutions

There are many different options for backing up your data. If you cannot afford to lose your data you must have a disaster recovery plan

Remote Computer Help

Do you need help simply attaching something to an email? Do you use a computer because there is no other option? If you need quick simple help I am a phone call away   (469)  734-1444 

 With your permission and a working internet connection I can help.

PC or MAC Repairs

Broken computer no problem I can fix it 

Computer Cleaning

Not sure if there is some piece of information on your computer someone could use to harm you?  I can ensure the data on your computer is totally erased before you recycle or sell it. 

Other Technical Services

If you are not sure who to call and if I cannot help you myself I have many friends in the industry and can point you in a direction to get help.